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Diet & Motivational Tips


Did you know? That following a structured weight training program is the best solution to long term weight loss.............


  • Your Stomach is only the size of your fist, so it takes a handful of food to fill it comfortably
  • Choose natural carbs like fruit & vegetables as opposed to processed man made carbs.
  • When your done eating you should feel better, not stiffed bloated or tired. 
  • When your heading out for dinner give the restaurant a call ahead ask them to preparea healthy meal go for grilled fish or chicken and steamed vegetables.
  • To reduce 1kg you need to burn almost 3500 calories per week,so aim to burn at least 500 calories per day
  • Slow down when you eat fast you end up ingesting more food before your body has had a chance to figure out if its satisfied ( Not Full ).
  • Plan your grocery shopping list with sources of high protein,carbs and vegetables.
  • Cabbage has to great cleansing materials chlorine and sulphar which helps to reduce access weight
  • Eat Watermelon to lose water weight as it helps the body to flush out the excess water without dehydrating you.


  • Keep plants and flowers at your office desk.They can help you fight the afternoon slump and boost up your creative thoughts.
  • When running,do not over -stride while trying to run faster.Whenever you over-stride,your lead footgoes in front of you acting as a brake.
  • When taking a long flight, if it is difficult to move around the cabin then curl or press your toes down often throughout your trip.
  • Home remedy for wrinkles: Apply egg white on the wrinkle-prone skin like the under-eye region, forehead& neck. This helps tighten the skin.
  • If you walk regularly for 30 minutes or more,choose shoes larger than your dress shoes as your feet may swell when you walk for a long period of time.
  • Include tomatoes in your daily diet to keep your skin firm and protect it against sunburn (equivalent of a very low factor sun cream).
  • To improve the absorption of minerals and prevent colon cancer,eat foods rich in soluble fiber such as beans,oats, apples etc.
  • When listening to music, use headphones that fit outside ear canal instead of earbud headphones which can harm your hearing by boosting sound signal.
  • Replace carbonated soft drinks with chilled green tea. It is not only less in calories, but also helps in cancer, heart diseases, hypertension & diabetes.
  • To reduce your risk of heart disease, eat beans & lentils (dal) regularly as they are high in soluble fiber and a good source of folic acid & magnesium.
  • To keep your hair strong & healthy, get your hair trimmed once every 6-8 weeks as this gets rid of split ends and uneven hair.
  • Eat 5-6 soaked almonds in the morning everyday. Almond is a source of many nutrients which helps enhance the memory power & cognitive skills.
  • Eat muesli at breakfast to enhance your energy and maintain high concentration levels throughout the day.
  • To lose weight, choose skimmed milk over whole milk. It can bring down your saturated fat intake while still providing you with plenty of protein & calcium.
  • For a sustainable & healthy weight loss/gain, it is recommended that you gain/lose weight at a rate of about 0.5 to 0.8 kg (about 1-2 pounds) per week.
  • Eat plain popcorn when you are on a diet. It is a low-calorie snack with high fiber content that can keep your mouth busy for a longer period of time.
  • If your office is close enough from home then walk or take a bike to work whenever possible. Plan to do this at least twice a week.
  • Feeling anxious? Laugh out loud. When you laugh, your body secretes endorphins which relieves the nervous tension.
  • Troubled by acne/pimples? Apply a honey & lemon mask on your face once a week. Honey makes blemishes fade away & lemon prevents face from getting oily.
  • Choose brown rice over white rice. Brown rice contains selenium which helps strengthen your immune system & lowers the risk of various cancers.
  • When shopping for fruits, always purchase fruits that will ripe 2-3 days after their purchase. This is especially true in the case of bananas, mangoes etc.
  • Drink beetroot (chukandar) juice before exercising to boost your stamina, allowing you to exercise for up to 16 percent longer.Research has shown that green potted plants and vibrant flowers kept at your office desk can produce a sense of peace, calmness and freshness.
  • When lifting heavy weights avoid jerking or sudden pulling movements as this can cause injuries to your muscles.Always lift weights smoothly.
  • Make sure that your child gets adequate sleep at night.For adolescents, the minimum hoursof sleep is 9 hours and for 6 to 12 year olds it is 10 to 11 hours sleep
  • Sit upright whilst watching TV. Wrong posture such as lying across the couch with your head turnedtoward the TV can lead to back and neck pain.
  • Order beverages without the lemon wedges placed on the rims of restaurant glasses. Research shows that microbes reside in such lemon wedges.
  • Eating tomato and tomato based products (7-10 servings each week) can help reduce your risk of heart disease by around 29%.
  • Feeling pain in your joints due to arthritis or other inflammatory disorders? Consume flaxseed oil by adding 1-3 tablespoons of it in your diet daily.
  • Feeling tired? Drink a glass of grapefruit and lemon juice mixed in equal parts. It is an excellent way of dispelling fatigue after a days work. 
  • Limit the time your kids spend watching TV to no more than 2 hours per day as it can have a negative effect on there intellectual development.
  • Socialize and make friends to walk away from depression.Loneliness is only going to make things tough for you.
  • When eating at a party avoid items with sauces and gravies as they are mostly high in calories.
  • To keep your joints healthy refrain fromcarrying heavy loads and while you are carrying something make sure you give equal load to both shoulders.
  • Take some time out to organise the cluttered papers books etc into nea piles.Organizing your desk will help you come out of a bad mood.
  • When buying shoes make sure that there is room in front of the toes ( About 1/2 inch ) to take into account your sliding foot when you walk. 
  • Eat a small salad before the main meal to avoid overeating.A study found that women that ate a 100-calorie salad before dinner consumed 12% less calories.
  • When lifting weights, do not throw or drop the weight like a stone.Rather take 2-4 seconds to lower the weight gradually.
  • Are you over weight?Loose weight to reduce extra weight on your knees.Every extra weight increases your risk of osteoarthritis by 5 - 15%.


    • A person is not finished when they are defeated they are finished when they quit. Never ever quit.
    • The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in 4 words " I dont have time ". 
    • When you fail to plan you plan to fail.
    • For every disciplined efforts the rewards only multiply
    • Patience persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
    • Set aside 30 minutes each day to review what you have accomplished and plan for tomorrow to hit hard.
    • Honour your self promises by finishing what you have started.




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