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THUMP BOXING for fitness


Hi and welcome to THUMP BOXING for fitness.

Murray is a fully qualified Master Trainer, level 1 & Advanced Thump Boxing Instructor.

Monty Personal Training holds Thump Boxing for fitness classes including 1 on 1 personal training sessions for all individuals wanting to expand there exercise regime to the next level of there health and well being through boxing for fitness

THUMP BOXING was Australia and New Zealand's first structured boxing for fitness program endorsed and recognised by leading industry associations and governing bodies as well as gym chains as the premier group class and single 1 on 1 boxing to music.

THUMP BOXING is a group exercise class based around the principles of functional fitness training and its adaption to professional boxing training. This type of training allows particpants to have the experience of a total body workout with all the fun and excitement of boxing combinations and cardio routines.

This safe and effective group exercise training is designed for all levels of fitness (no beginner or advanced ) and can be adapted to everyone's physical capabilities.

There is no physical contact between particpants as contact is only made with boxing gloves and focus pads, while basic functional fitness training is incorporated to enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

It is a proven method for weight loss and general well being THUMP BOXING will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than regular gym programs such as treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes.

Why boxing for fitness...

With boxing trainings immense popularity and proven benefits its hardly surprising to learn that it is one of the most preferred forms of exercise amongst people and exercise training.Weight loss,muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness are only a fraction of what boxing training offers to its particpants.

Through science and research it has become quite clear that boxing for fitness is not just limited to people who want to get fit and lose weight but is now a common form of training for professional athletes and sporting teams wanting to enhance their performance on the competitive field.Over the years coaches and sports trainers have realised the importance of cross training to an athletes fitness regime with boxing being their most preferred method.

Using a variety of skills and techniques boxing as a form of exercise can be transferable to a range of sports including,soccer,rugby,cricket,swimming,tennis,and dancing.All these sports require a degree of physical excellence relating to speed,power,endurance,and balance which only boxing training can provide especially when time is limited.

Boxing for fitness requires no choreography which makes it easy to learn and simple to follow providing structure and planning in all routines.You can utilise your training in small spaces  as well as creating high intensity exercises with minimal impact and stress to joints. 

Boxing is also one of the most practical styles of training as well as the most cost effective.Using simple equipment such as focus pads and boxing gloves,you are provided with some of the most dynamic and functional total body workouts.

Benefits of boxing for fitness... 

Correct boxing training not only works all parts of the body but all aspects of fitness such as; Cardiovacular fitness,Muscular endurance,Muscular Strength,Stamina,Co-ordination and power and speed.

The above aspects of fitness can be related to many objectives of people who may be trying to lose weight,a football team wanting to increase their strength and stamina,or a tennis player wanting to gain more power.

What ever the goal is remember there is always the physical and mental advantages to any type of exercise training.


Strength and endurance gain-No strain of weights but all the benefits
( Strength & endurance are natural by-products of boxing training. )

Low impact on joints but high intensity

Cardiovascular improvement in less amount of time. 

Little space required.

High energy and calorie expenditure in shorter amount of time.

Adaptable to aerobic and anaerobic training.


Provides you with variety.

It is time effective for you.

It gives you self confidence.

Its quite challenging.

It requires all the focus and thinking.

" When lifes annoyannces or frustrating situations build up, you can feel stressed or experience low grade anger.More high-energy forms of exercise like boxing can also provide and effective release of all these negative emotions, turning these otherwise potentially unhealthy emotions into positive motivation for future increase of health and well-being."

Muscles Used...

Many people assume that boxing training only works the entire upper body and not the lower body.This is far from true.Providing that boxing training is done properly the majority of muscles in the body will get a workout.

Skipping, Scissor shuffles, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, dips, and squats can all be incorporated in a persons bocing for fitness session to have more specific focus on various muscle groups.

All these exercises are very basic and require minimal equipment, but are very effective when working the lower body as well as providing a great cardio workout.

With the upper body being the primary focus of the workout you can be sure that every muscle will be targeted during a 30 minute boxing routine.Punching bag or some focus pads is only part of the package when it comes to boxing training. There are many body weight exercises that can be included in punching routines which not only provides variety to your workout but they are also very challenging.

Boxing for fitness is not just about using combinations that a fighter may use in the ring or techniques that they may use in sparring.Boxing for fitness is about using principles of professional boxing training and adapting them to the principles of functional fitness training so that all training requirements are met and all muscles in the body are utilised.

As there is no load or resistance on the muscles boxing training is not ideal for someone wanting to bulk build their body. Hypertrophy is not a by-product of boxing for fitness where as muscular and cardiovascular endurance is.This is generally due to the large amount of continuous bodyweight movement required during a properly conducted session.

As boxing in its purest form is not a muscle building workout then other forms of fitness training need to be incorporated to be able to get the results that generic resistance training usually provides.

Body weight exercises ( Calisthenics ) that can be utilized in boxing for fitness are:-   

Push-ups ( Wide Grip and Narrow Grip )
Squats ( Standing or Jump )
Lunges ( Standing or Jump or Alternate)
Crunches / Sit-ups
Tricep Dips 
Step Ups  ( on Bench or Box )
Prone Holds ( Hovers )
Burpee ( Single repitition push-up incorporated with a single repitition squat jump )

Anaerobic Vs Aerobic...

Research into boxing for fitness over the last 10 to 15 years has shown that a standard 45-60 minute session on average will be 60% anaerobic and 40% aerobic.

Depending on the type of session you are doing, this average of 60:40
can be alttered either way to suit you and your needs and capabilities.

What makes boxing training so physically demanding....

As you punch and make the impact with an object ( focus pads /punching bag ) you are exerting a force away from your centre of gravity.This is intended to be at maximum speed and power ( that your body is capable of).Which basically means more energy is required to execute the movement.Quite simply this is due to the increased load and resistance put through your body as it impacts the target.

More energy used = more calories consumed

When performing a exercise where by you are required to generate force into a external objectour breathing rhythm tends to change and people will have that feeling of being puffed out.

Why you ask? Because boxing training can be related to the same principles as high repitition resistance training where the muscle is under constant load.( through pushing,pulling,lifting,throwing ) for a given amount of time or repititions.

THUMP BOXING Training Packages

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