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Healthy Corporate & School Packages

Monty Personal Training is happy to engage your team in promoting a much healthier lifestyle choice through simple but uplifting Healthy Corporate & School training sessions.

Your staff and students will be taught about work life balance and how to manage this with some very simple tips surrounding nutrition and healthy eating habits.

More importantly 1 hour a day which equates to 4% of your day is all it takes whether it be early morning or afternoon to effect a simple healthy exercise regime to maintain a healthy fit body.

Corporate & School Health Seminars

Monty Personal Training corporate & school health assessment program offer seminars on Health and Nutrition, one on one & group personal training, staff team building & school class group training days, Health and Wellbeing Training & Lunchtime Group Training sessions.Educating your staff and students on how to start  implementing those simple steps into a much healthier lifestyle, through nutritional guidance and personal training techniques which can create  a more productive work & school education  performance, and in turn a more optimally functioning workplace and school classroom, creating stronger peer relationships internally and externally, and a high end balance of business work &schooling performance rates .

The Healthy Corporate & Schooling 
Personal Training Service

Monty Personal Training will provide your employees & students  with all the:

Motivation that will drive you ,
Opportunity that will heighten your health ,
Nutrition that will steer you into a healthy pattern ,
Training that will give you the guidance to gain a healthy fitter body,
Youthfulness that will make you ever so appealing.

The Healthy corporate & school personal training package, caters for the Middle to the High end of the corporate world and students that wish to get into shape fast through a unique personal training service offered.

Your staff  and students will have UNLIMITED personal training through a  
Annual Package to companies and students who wish to have their Middle Level staff to High end Management and students of various age groups trained by Monty Personal Training.

From my own personal individual experience i have found those Middle Level staff, CFO’s, CEO's & GM's and High School HSC Students  in the past that have nearly reached burn out stage through overworking ,doing 10 to 14 hour days over studying ,skipping meals and eating all the wrong foods, with little or absolutely no exercise daily to make the body function correctly, best of all alinating the body from nutritional balance with a proper healthy diet plan has caused some major health issues. This has in turn lead to a unhealthy work life balance practise in the corporate world and schooling.
Having a healthy management and staffing team & students , equals a healthier functioning business and school students , which in turn gives back best practise and work performance. Monty Personal Training will give your students  staff and business the results you require,with their health but also you will see the uplift with their best practise working life performance in your business to achieve the job all round. 

What you get with the Healthy Corporate & School Personal Training Packages:

Monty Personal Training Health & Fitness Assessment service FREE of charge,Itemised Individual monthly reports on each one of your staff  & students detailing their results and performance in personal training or group training programs.
UNLIMITED personal training sessions for each one of your staff & students  over the duration of the contract!
Exclusive access is given to your staff & students  to train when they want, providing they give three days notice in advance booking in.
A Fully maintained functional Healthy Diet plan FREE of charge highlighting the nutritional guidance they require.
Your business & students  will save 50% on standard personal training rates by using this Healthy Corporate & School  Personal Training package as a leveled investment towards the Health and Wellbeing of its employees and Management & school students.
Its a great cost cutter for companies health program expenditure and school students  yet a very rewarding feeling from a management level and student academic level,that as a business Health and Wellbeing & schooling is the No 1 priority and creating business and schooling success top of mind.

The Healthy Corporate Training Package

Corporate Group of 20 Package

The Healthy School Training Package 

School Training Group of 20

For further information surrounding The Healthy Corporate & School Personal Training Packages inclusive of FEE's and Services

Please make contact on:

Phone: 1800-202-536

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