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Phone: 1800-202-536

Please note that calls from a mobile will incur standard call rates applied.

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Detail your interest, highlighting your full contact details,your group numbers and most importantly please make Monty Personal Training aware of anyone that has recently had any serious medical issues or trauma  or currently have any restrictions due to injury that must be made aware of as Monty Personal Training can determine and arrange alternate exercise plans on the day or make a firm decision whether the person is able to train on the day safely. 

Please make note that Monty Personal Training acts responsibly in accordance to the DUTY OF CARE with all clients and DO NOT take any responsibility for undisclosed medical or personal injuries prior to the commencement of your training session.It is Monty Personal Training policy that every client on the day sign a form outlining to the best of there knowledge they have no illness, injury or medical issues pending prior to the commencement of exercse.

Monty Personal Training  hopes that you enjoy your training session  and most of all continue your love for keeping fit.



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